If the word doesn’t fit

And no rhymes are made

Would the phrases still mean the same thing to you?

‘Cause you think we are rhyme that perfectly connects

But I’m in love with free verses more than rhyme



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Out of Love

When the love has changed into something less
And the words differ on what heart says
Like somehow the I love you’s are on repeat
And you hold on the familiarity not heartbeat

Felt like something had gone astray
No warmth left in between our stay
Nothing to lose yet nothing to keep
But the moments before we drift to sleep

(Photo courtesy:hdqwalls(.)com)


Another year had gone by
Another set of blue sky
As the year changed from eight to nine
And the fireworks shout its colorful shine
Let my unexpressed calamity be swirled away
To purify my soul for a solemn day

For the tears I shed can make a sea
While I’m the boat of uncertainty
Willing to sail to what’s unknown
Just to get over my unwanted zone,
Leaving the people who scratched my soul
Leaving the memories that left a hole

But before the wind brings me on shore
Let me kiss the sea that ease my sore
Tasting the salt as a reminder of valor
That kept me alive in every combat
Horrible storm need not butt-in
For I will slay my 2019

Unclothed Truth

Deep beneath the vast ocean
Under those harsh offensive waves
Lies in it the unclothed truth
Of what was once buried moot

Unshaken credence intensified
For it thoughts the wave would abide
The rules of drowning unpleasant ghost
Of forgotten sin and mournful lost


The windowpane reflects no radiance
As it blocks the night’s cold wind dance
Then layered blankets covered the bed
Warming the body and the words unsaid

The coffee aroma and its bitter-sweet taste
Evades across every little space
The clock got no use by this time
Neglected to find the needed rhyme

The mind absorbs the quietness
While plunging into deep thoughts and mess
Pen or pencil will do the chase
Cohorting with mind and paper-cage

After Quarrel

Daunting silence terrorized the room
Hearing the eratic heartbeats made by doom
The built up tense and anger seems to fade
Calming the mind, erasing the darkened shade

The past echoed within the walls
Emptiness lingers as well as the sore
Vociferating the romance of before
As the vows and devotion thrived beneath the core

Remains of the Dead

Necropolis left nothing but bones
Of decaying dead underneath
With ancient vase, porcelain and gold
Are these on the sky for them to hold?

Careful hands carved the tombs
Sculpting art to please the soul
If one may stray around his mound
His importance can be easily found

For king of kings has it best
Whilst servant and slave obtained less
Yet gone are the titles, crown and treasures
As both undergone same judgement rules.

Image credit to WallpaperSafari

When the Stars Call for Help

The darkness shouts the somber nights
It roars gloom and loneliness
But some things are left unheard
It’s when the stars call for help

Stars sail over the deep and black
With boats of vigor to survive the night
Resisting the grip of the dusk
Defying to submerge in no light

Shines are seen but not what’s behind
The fight and struggle of their kind
Distance permits not to hear their yelp
When the stars call for help

The Astray is Back

old-timey posters

crumpled then straightened

all torn〰

jagged edges

was put together, partially glued

yet the harmony is gone

depiction no more

the image stayed still

no emotion to feel for.

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