Blue Light

In every morning when darkness becloud the sun

And in my pitch black night, where no star shines upon

You march before me and illuminate my ways

As you guide me through my mournful days.


But then your light is in the bright blue shade

Like the color of the sea flailing with unhush wave

Like the color of the sky pouring with acid rain

You light my ways to sink and burn.



Self Embrace

Self-embrace when all is wrong
Then hum your own melodic song
Never mind those out of tune
Unfitted rhymes would fit soon

Self-embrace when no one listens
Hear your own and hope would glisten
Then the drums inside your chest
And the waves of blues will rest

Self-embrace when day is cold
Fire is within, aflame with gold
Believe in you then match will slide
And power your body as own fire guides


Bad Dream

Wide-awake, scared of sleep

Cramping soul as her heart leaps

From nervousness, she’s nightmare sick

So shutting eyes is never seek.
A torture it is for a young fellow

Who crave for peace not for sorrow

Curled toe upon the blanket

For she thought her coffin was already set.

(Reposted. It was accidentally deleted)


During small hours, apparitions are made
Upon your room, abaft the curtains
Her shadow awaits, wanting to be seen
Seething with anger as her eyes fixate

Pale, for no more blood running in her veins
The gown was white, now brimming with mud
And face was scarred by unknown thing
Her presence made wind-chimes scream

Scary as it may seem but she’s helpless
Assaulted defenseless by some drunkard
Now, craving for help as she cried in vain
Her spirit won’t stop till justice is gain



Empty feeling. Turbulent past.

What more could I feel worse than that?

I’ve kept this gloomy feeling for so long. Too much lock was put that enabled me in with-holding my blues. Too many masks that cover my frown in each forlorn moment. Too good enough to fake happiness whenever I’m depress. From all the crippling misery running through my veins, could there still be a nightmare?

Oh yes!

Silence is my nightmare.

Silence is my downfall.

Silence is my poison.

Afraid that silence will paralyze my hearing outside my world. Frightened that silence will force me in hearing all my frustrations, anxieties and sorrows. Scared that I would hear my thoughts and act upon it.

For silence could end this cruel story I am starring.
Image: Credits to the owner


Every piece are shadows of you, bleeding with your peculiar aroma. Finding every shapes and connecting each portions, are getting hard and confusing day by day. Piece by piece, I’m trying to fathom where to place everything into rhythm. 

Error and error but I’m still trying. Your completion was nearly impossible. But then you smiled, so I tried again. Now I get it. I get it why I can’t complete you. The important pieces was given to someone. The one who stole and tore some pieces apart. With a new mission, I’m fueled up.

Now, packed with a needle and thread, I am here to fix you. Stitching every ripped portions and cutting every dark parts. I’m here to fix everything she broke.

Can you try to connect those other pieces to mine? Let me make a new puzzle with you. A puzzle of new love. Then I would vow to never shatter it like she did. 

I am here to fix you. 


If trees could speak, would it tell our history?

When before Filipinos shouted “Set us free!”?

Enigma of the past which are left untold

Will be revealed and made unfold


If walls could speak, would it tell our history?

When before we part ways to find new quarry

Treasured memories, moments of happiness

Could it all be reminded to correct our mess?


If history could be changed, would you change our history?

So everything will be perfect with some felicity

But what good would it do to our present day

Can’t we just sit and watch God do the magic ray?

ABC of Us

Asking who, from and why

Brought us love with no lie

Carried with sailing boat of emotion

Dried leaves flying like heart’s in motion


Every time your name vibrates

Flailing butterflies are ready to skate

Going here, back and forth

Hovering over your worth


I’m dancing through your love

Jot of tiredness I never have

Keen of knowing our very next step

Listening to the beat of hearts we kept


Mark the sky with some shaped clouds

Night will light with thunder loud

Our soul will merge upon a throne

Pray for this kingdom of both lone


Queen of yours, king of mine

Ruling this kingdom with no line

Shiny crown of being yours

Too heavenly and cost is most


Under the twinkling tapestry of stars

Vinery of promises over the wall of bars

Will be fulfilled even we’re galaxy apart

Xylophone rhythm, as we do our parts


Yarn will spun to continue our story

Zeal as we are, love is never wary


​In the dark, there she stand 

Behind the crowd in outcast land

Hidden wings filled with scars

Pointed and shouted with slurs

Mourning heave, ugly marks

A dolphin around of all sharks

Hoarded happiness, glimpse of light

In all airplanes, she’s just a kite

Now, dress with glitters

Hands with spears

With rainbow hope

She’d never mope

For after rain, she’s gonna slay

Upward steps, victory she’ll say

Image:©Google Photos

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